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Ó Dochartaigh Reunion: July 21st - 30th, 2015
in Inishowen and Derry City

A message from the 2015 O’Dochartaigh Reunion Committee:

We as a committee organize the events for the reunion.  Each attendee must make their own arrangements for their travel.  This includes not only their travel to Ireland but also their own accommodations and their own ground transportation such as rental car.  The exception to this is the bus tours that are included in the reunion events schedule.
There are 4 main airports to choose from in Ireland.  We have included the airport codes to help you.

Dublin (DUB): It is a 3+ hour drive from Dublin airport to Inishowen.  Some of the drive is motorway and the rest are good roads.  The airport is north of the city, so you can collect your car and head north.  We recommend avoiding driving in Dublin as it can be very confusing.  The bus and taxi services are very good in and around the city.

Belfast International (BFS): is east of the city in Antrim.  It is about 90 minute drive to Inishowen.  It is a smaller airport and is easy to collect your rental car.  Remember that it is the UK and the prices will be in Sterling and not Euros.

Belfast Harbour (BHD): is northwest of the city, near the harbour.  It is 2+ hours to get to Inishowen.  You do have to drive the motorway through the city.  It is well signposted, but can be a bit confusing as well.

Shannon (SNN): We suggest that you don’t choose Shannon airport unless you are adding on touring the south of Ireland to your reunion trip.  It is a 6+ hour drive from Shannon to Inishowen driving straight through without stopping.  The country is beautiful and can be worth the trip if you have the time in your schedule.

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