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In the early 1980's, a small group of energetic and visionary people living in Ireland dreamed of a worldwide O'Dochartaigh reunion. The names of Doherty, Dougherty, Doerty, and all the other 140 spellings would come to Ireland and discover their homeland. The dream became reality with the hard work and drive of the O'Dochartaigh Reunion Committee in 1985. This committee is the volunteer group that plans, organized and implements the reunion events.

Held every five years since, each succeeding clan gathering builds on the previous ones gone before. Since 1985, visitors have been treated to amazing events ranging from a formal evening Medieval Banquet to roving bus tours. The reunions are attended by over O'Dochartaighs from many countries. We had the wonderful experience of sharing our common heritage and forging lasting friendships.

Many of the original Irish reunion committee members are still engaged in the planning of each clan gathering. Joe "Paul" Doherty, and the family of John and Moira "Saddler" Doherty still serve the clan in this capacity after nearly 35 years.

Pat "Inch" Dougherty and 1985 chairman Paddy "Joe" Doherty were instrumental in setting the pace for the earlier clann gatherings. For instance, only after the 2000 reunion did Pat "Inch" retire from active participation. After that O'Dochartaigh gathering, Eva Doherty Gremmert was asked to succeed her predecessors and assumed the duties of Reunion Coordinator in 2001. Upon the highly successful completion of her first assignment in 2005, the Ireland-based committee asked her to continue her tenure.

The eight reunions have been faithfully held from 1985 to 2010. The committee decided to break with tradition and hold a very special clan gathering in 2008. It commemorated the death of the last remaining Irish chieftain, our own Cahir Rua O'Dogherty. The 400th anniversary of his untimely death occurred July 5, 2008. After this reunion the committee decided to return to the "every 5 year" schedule beginning in 2010.

There are many, many people who have already indicated that they are coming over to Ireland this summer. They include individuals, family groups, O'Dochartaigh Clann Association members, participants in the Y-DNA project, others who have attended reunions in the past and some who have found us on the web and are coming on their own. Some of these groups have organized membership lists and some don't, but all are welcome. The Reunion Committee appreciates the publicity generated by all this interest through the various e-mails, discussion lists, newsletters and the like.

The dates are 23-28 July 2020, and all names connected to the O'Dochartaigh are welcome and encouraged to attend. There are a wide variety of events scheduled, appealing to young and old, singles, married couples, and families of all types.

The 2020 Reunion Committee is composed of:

John V. Doherty, Chairman
Eva Doherty Gremmert, Coordinator

Helena Downey
Joe Doherty Paul
Mary (Saddler) Doherty
Jennifer McLaughlin Doherty
Emma Downey Byrnes
Eimer Shea
Michael Dougherty "Doc" Reunion Website